Liquid Diamonds: Quotes

Collected here are quotations from the woman behind the music, on various topics, and from various sources. Her words here are as illuminating and sincere as her lyrics. There are also articles linked below for your reading.

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The best source for articles is always THE DENT but here are some that I have found around the web, or ones that I particularly think every fan should see.

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TORI'S ADVICE TO A FAN (survivor I presume)

"You know, he can never take your soul. there can be scars, but he will never take your soul. Your soul is yours. You take it back okay? You keep your soul."
-Syracuse, NY, 5/98


". . .anger originates from envy and outrage: not being seen; not being heard. Your worst enemies are made when you ignore people."

FROM: WOMEN, SEX AND ROCK `N' ROLL: IN THEIR OWN WORDS by Liz Evans (Harper Collins, 1994)

"... who's to say what I'd be writing about if I didn't have my background? Yet at the same time, this is only a taste of what the church has done for thousands of years. Our whole Goddess culture has been destroyed, and what has the female deity role model become? The Virgin Mary! And for our Goddess, who is our mother of fertility and passion, to be a virgin -- well, what do we have to live up to? From the starting block, from get-go, we're minus ten!"

"`Cornflake Girl'... deals with it too. There's a book by Alice Walker called ~Possessing the Secret of Joy~, and it's about mothers taking their daughters to the butcher to have their genitalia removed... Now if we lined all the boys up and cut their penises off, I don't think it would be lunch as usual! ... Obviously the whole society is involved, but when is a generation of women going to rise up, not to fight, not to war, but to honour themselves and each other?"

"... I used to get really pissed off that my life was so dictated by when this Jesus guy was born and when he was dying every year. I felt really resentful that I couldn't get on with my own life, because I was so busy with his. Of course the real energy of Jesus had nothing to do with it... There would be prayer meetings at our house, and I'd think, `How do I escape this?' My song Icicle has a lot to do with it. It's about how this girl masturbates just to survive!"

"Now I realize that I do have a choice with my sexual role and sexuality has so much more to do with things other than penises and vaginas. It has to do with my connection to the universe and the earth and my whole being..."

"I don't want to be normal, because normal is about the status quo, which I don't want to be a part of."

"... the only place where I've never felt guilty or shameful is when I've been playing. It's the only place where I've felt in touch with my sexuality and my spirituality and my emotions..."


~On Boys For Pele~

"The whole record is about stealing fire and stealing fire from the men in my life. I wasn't able to admit that at first....."

"Pele is a volcano goddess and the idea is that, pyro that I am, I seem to be lighting myself on fire and not able to find my passion. The men in my life and what they gave and didn't give brought me to that."

"I just trusted that, God, if I'm so consumed by this, someone else is going to want to come to the party, too. And if they don't, well, it's a party I had to go to."


It's funny but on good days I don't think of her so much. In fact never. I never just say hi when the sun is on my tongue and my belly's all warm. On bad days I talk to Death constantly, not about suicide because honestly that's not dramatic enough. Most of us love the stage and suicide is definitely your last performance and being addicted to the stage, suicide was never an option - plus people get to look you over and stare at your fatty bits and you can't cross your legs to give that flattering thigh angle and that's depressing.

So we talk. She says things no one else seems to come up with, like let's have a hot dog and then it's like nothing's impossible. She told me once there is a part of her in everyone though Neil believes I'm more Delirium than Tori. Death taught me to accept that, you know, wear your butterflies with pride. And when I do accept that, I know Death is somewhere inside me. She was the kind of girl all the girls wanted to be, I believe, because of her acceptance of 'what is.' She keeps reminding me there is change in the 'what is' but change cannot be made till you accept the 'what is.' Like yesterday, all the recording machines were breaking down again. We almost lost a master take and the band leaves tomorrow and we can't do anymore music till we resolve this. We're in the middle of nowhere in the desert and my being wants to go crawl under a cactus and wish it away. Instead, I dyed my hair and she visited me and I started to accept the mess I'm in. I know that mess spelled backwards is ssem and I felt much better armed with that information. Over the last few hours I've allowed myself to feel defeated, and just like she said if you allow yourself to feel the way you really feel, maybe you won't be afraid of that feeling anymore. When you're on your knees you're closer to the ground. t h i n g s s e e m n e a r e r s o m e h o w

If all I can say is I'm not in this swamp, I'm not in this swamp then there is not a rope in front of me and there is not an alligator behind me and there is not a girl sitting at the edge eating a hot dog and if I believe that, then dying would be the only answer because then Death couldn't come and say Peachy to me anymore and after all she has a brother who believes in hope.