Met Em in a Hotel: Links

Every Tori Amos site has a links section.  This page in fact began as nothing more than a little personal rave about Tori, a pictures page, and a links page.  Here are a few links I have enjoyed over the years.

A Dent In The Tori Universe: It's the best.
Tori's Official Site: They're not as good as The Dent but it's pretty and worth the visit.
Here In My Head: Awesome site with numerous sound files and goodies.
Tori Amos Confessions: One of the first I ever stumbled onto. Go see.
A Very Cool Tori Bio: So thorough it's scary
The Choirgirl Hotel: They stole the name I originally wanted *sniffle* But a great site.
RAINN:Please support them!
Through the Portal: Particularly good for pics, but slow to load.
Little Fascist Panties: Great for lyrics and odd bits of stuff
Chasing Tornadoes: Very nicely done. Cool goodies.
Collecting Tori:.... should begin with this site.
homemade tori backgrounds: I'm not using them anymore mostly, but they're very nice!
Kittens in Cement: Old site but classic.
a great place for b-grounds!: Cool site, wheeeee!
BLUE SKIES AND LULLABYES: Nice site, a little different.

Really Deep Thoughts: A place to find oodles of fans

Revised: July 07, 2002 .